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Search Engine Optimisation - Process

Having a website these days is nothing without the advantage of full Internet presence. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is extremely an opportunity to take advantage of full existence in Search Engine directories and on the Internet.
Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the act of making ones website content more search engine friendly and easier to be found in major search engines so that there is more probability of locating your business than your competitors.

Our Search Engine Optimisation Process
  1. Business Interview - Understand our client's business and markets
  2. Compile client Key word and phrase list
  3. Competitor analysis - who they are and where they rank and for what keywords and phrases
  4. Keyword research - We subscribe to search metrics services that report on the number of times a key word or phrase is searched on
  5. Examine client web site and check for strategic keywords and phrases.
  6. Competitor web site analysis to determine use of strategic keywords and phrases.
  7. Compile strategic key word or phrase list and deliver strategy proposal
  8. Compile Search Engine Rank Report to gauge base line performance of site in search engines, perform and examine web site traffic report to gauge base line visits sales/leads to the web site
  9. Execute proposal - optimise web site and re-register with free and paid search engines
  10. Compile Search Engine Rank Report to gauge performance of optimisation effort on the web site in search engines
  11. Perform any fine-tuning of the strategy and compare traffic and volume of sales/leads to pre optimisation levels

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