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Our Method

Temporal and financial constraints can often lead to a fine balancing act when developing a complex solution. After almost a decade and hundreds of successful web site projects, we have developed our own proprietary developmental process that ensures all requirements are fulfilled and deliverables supplied inside the constraints of the project.

The Online Works project development process includes the following discrete developmental stages that make it easy for our clients to create their vision.

  • Needs analysis and proposal creation - What we are going to do. Structured interviews with internal stakeholders/principles of the business to articulate and define the aims, goals, expectations and requirements of their project. We work hard to gain a comprehensive understanding of our client's business and markets and the context in which their project will 'fit' technologically and strategically both internally within the business and externally within their target audiences and markets. We research our client's competition to identify opportunities and weaknesses both within their web sites and in key search engines.
  • Project approval and commencement. Following consideration of the proposal, any amendments or additions to the initial proposal are addressed at this time.
  • Strategy briefing and development - Key audiences identified and key messages articulated - How we are going to do it and for whom… Planning of the solution from design styles and page layouts, information architecture, technical requirements of on-line tools and applications to the content checklists and types of information defined. If content is to be created, parameters and requirements are defined at this time. Search engine research and scoping are undertaken at this time where ordered.
  • Design concepts created and signed-off Initial design directions are explored with stake holders and end-users. Stylistic and brand considerations are identified and documented. Appraisal of the design directions are sought.
  • Design concepts are refined to produce the required design style At the completion of this stage a working Interface is available for testing in our staging area where access is restricted to key stakeholders.
  • Content creation initiated and content collection checklists produced and delivered.
  • Design concept sign-off
  • Content creation and collection completed. Search Engine research undertaken where ordered according to our search engine method.
  • 1st functional draft of the web site published at the completion of all content works required. This stage is characterised by all threads of the site coming together. The design, page layouts, web site applications and all content is integrated into the prototype solution.At the completion of this stage a working web site is available for testing in our staging area where access is restricted to key stakeholders
  • Draft & Content revisions Final content and application revisions are completed
  • 2nd functional draft reviewed and published At the completion of this stage a complete, working web site is available for testing and trailing in our staging area where access is restricted to key stakeholders. Full solution testing completed at this time. Documentation and User manuals completed.
  • Content and web site sign off, domain name registration where ordered
  • Site implementation - publishing in a live web server environment and complete user and administration training in applications. Delivery of full documentation at this time.
  • Search engine registration & on-line marketing where ordered as per strategy and search engine method
  • Maintenance phase

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